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Caribbean Knight Party

Caribbean Knight Party 
February 15, 2020


Thank you to all those who purchased tickets for the Caribbean Knight Raffle; your support is appreciated!

Congratulations to this year’s winners:
$4000-Jacque Krzmarzick
$1000-Duane Nachreiner
$500-Jeff Berdan
$500-Sara Bode
$100-George and Mary C. Forst
$100-Sister Lisa Maurer
$100-Deanne Ibberson
$100-Deanne Ibberson
$100-Pattie Pelzel
$100-Deacon Mike McKeown
$100-Paul Pieschel
$100-Galen Ludewig
$100-Kenneth Callier
$100-Greg and Paulette Grausam

A tremendous thank you to all those who helped to make the Caribbean Knight Party such a wonderful success! Thank you to the core planning and organizing committee: Brent and Rachel Kucera, Tim and Cassie Schwartz, Sam and Jessica Bloedow, and Judd and Jen Walter. Their desire to see others benefit from a Catholic education has brought about a great party where many come together in the spirit of giving with one purpose: to maintain affordable tuition and increase enrollment. The funds last year kept tuition from a proposed 16% increase to only 5%. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and talent, to those who donated items to the live and silent auctions, to those who helped with the classroom art projects, to those who bid on items and participated in the various activities, and to all who attended and enjoyed this great Caribbean Knight Party. The financial totals will be reported once they are all finalized, but the evening was most certainly a success.