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On the Job Training

Sleepy Eye Community Business Leaders

On The Job Training (OJT)                                                 

1 Credit – (Full Year) - Elective
Grades 11, 12                                                                   
.5 Credit – (Half Year) - Elective

Creating pathways to employment and careers in Sleepy Eye, MN

This program has been developed by the Business Leaders and High Schools of Sleepy Eye, MN. The goal is to help create pathways to employment and careers which exist within Sleepy Eye. The program has been designed to combine both school and work based learning by involving the participating student classroom instruction and actual work experience, training and mentoring. Acceptance into this program is based more on work readiness then on academic performance. The program will assist the students in developing skills they will need for the competitive job market.

Participating Businesses included: Americana Community Bank, City of Sleepy Eye, Frist Security Bank, Mark Thomas, Sleepy Eye Care Center, Sleepy Eye Chamber of Commerce, Sleepy Eye Medical Center, SouthPoint Federal Credit Union, BIC APP, Sleepy Eye Online, Zinniel Electric, and Schwartz Farms. Students will receive a Pass or Fail for this course.