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Admission Information

The best way to experience St. Mary’s Catholic School is to become a part of our school family.  If you have questions and want to know more about our school system, please come and visit it for yourself!  We also encourage you to talk to parents who have their children at St. Mary’s.

    Why St. Mary’s School?
  • Faith is integrated into the school day through daily prayer time and weekly liturgy celebrations and prayer services.
  • A Catholic Christ-centered identity is in strong evidence throughout the building.
  • Family atmosphere of school and dedicated service of parish leadership, school administration and all staff is very apparent.
  • Strong commitment of time and talent of parents, alumni, and other various stakeholders is very apparent.
  • The interest and time commitment of the superintendent in the school along with longevity and dedication of leadership provided by the two principals is very strong.
  • A strong commitment of staff for providing quality education, teaching effective curriculum, promoting student driven community outreach activities and modeling a positive school climate is evident, thereby instilling in students confidence, leadership abilities and effective learner development.
  • Our school is built around a strong academic program which offers a wide variety of activities to challenge and enrich our students. Speech and special education services are available to our students through the Sleepy Eye Public School. In addition, the elementary school has teacher aides who strive to help students succeed.