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Students must take 4 credits of Theology to graduate.

The aim of the Theology Department is to make religious studies the heart of St. Mary's curriculum and community life. Our department is called on to teach doctrine, to create community, and to be of service not only to the school, but also to the parish community at large. As part of all Religion courses, 10 hours of service will be completed each quarter (10-12), and 5 hours of service will be completed each quarter (7-9). Forms to verify service will be completed and submitted to the Religion instructors.  No credit will be released for Religion until service for the year is complete.  The ACRE exam is taken Senior year. All students show mastery of the basic Catholic knowledge and prayers each semester.

All students are required to have a personal copy of the New American Bible for classroom and personal use that was not previously used by a St. Mary’s student.


Freshman Theology                         

1 Credit-Required
Grade 9

Faith and Revelation: Knowing God Through Sacred Scripture: First semester of freshman year presents a basic understanding of Sacred Scripture as the inspired Word of God and how it conveys God’s Revelation to his People, as well as teaching students how to read the Bible.

The Blessed Trinity and our Christian Vocation: Second semester analyzes the Divine Life of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—as revealed in Sacred Scripture.  It studies the Christian call and how God invites us to be in communion with him, so we can share in the divine life that he has prepared for us from all eternity.  It also helps the student to understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ.


Sophomore Theology                     

1 Credit-Required
Grade 10

The Mystery of Redemption and Christian Discipleship: The first part of Sophomore year examines the need for Redemption after the Fall; the promise of Redemption renewed throughout the Old Testament; and the Redemption achieved by the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as its application in the life of each Christian.

Theology of the Body:  During the middle part of the year we use a program called Theology of the Body for Teens. Theology of the Body helps us learn to receive God’s love so we can give and receive it with others in our lives. This revolutionary teaching, given to us by Pope John Paul II, says that our bodies are holy and good! Instead of dwelling on the consequences of impurity, it shows the deeply satisfying freedom that comes from having a pure heart.

The Church:  The Sacrament of Salvation: The third part of the sophomore year shows how the Church, established by Jesus Christ, continues the salvific ministry of Christ in the world today, guided by the Holy Spirit.  As the Sacrament of Salvation, the People of God, and the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church is the point of encounter between the faithful and the Risen Lord.


Junior Theology                             

1 Credit-Required
Grade 11

The Sacraments: Source of Our Life in Christ: The first semester of junior year explores each of the seven Sacraments as a source of grace and a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  Special emphasis will be focused on Confirmation and the role of the Holy Spirit in helping Christians become living witnesses of their Catholic faith.

Our Moral Life In Christ: Second semester presents a study of the moral life of Christ—based on his teachings in the Gospels, the Ten Commandments, and the Beatitudes—which enable Christians, with God’s grace, to imitate the life of Christ in their lives and to make correct moral decisions.


Senior Theology                              

1 Credit-Required
Grade 12

The History of the Church: This course presents the story of God’s intervention into human history from the Incarnation until the present day.  It emphasizes God as the Lord of history and his actions that demonstrate his love for his People.