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Additional Opportunities

Additional Opportunities

Elementary Teacher or Specialist Assistant                                          

.5 Credit - Elective
Grades 11, 12

The student assistant for the teacher or specialist has the opportunity to work with the teacher in various capacities. The student may work with small groups; as well as assist students individually with corrections and intervention tasks, organizing tasks, display bulletin boards, filing, etc.  After direct teacher instruction and modeling there may also be opportunities for the student to set up and create a lesson, read stories and implement intervention techniques with students, use evaluation tools to assess the strengths and weaknesses of individual students; witness and participate in classroom management strategies.  Course objectives are: to improve the student's ability to communicate with students as well as adults; to deepen students’ responsibility toward others both in preparation and attendance; gain insight into the differentiated learning abilities and styles of each child; to give students an opportunity to experience both the rewarding and challenging aspects of teaching, and to stimulate a lifelong interest in education. Students will meet to discuss and sign a confidentiality form. This opportunity is subject to availability. Students will receive a Pass or Fail for this course.



These opportunities are offered service opportunities for those students who would like to gain experience working in an office or classroom setting. Priority is given to upper classmen.   Pre-approval by supervisory personnel is required.  These opportunities are offered to 9th-12th grade students making satisfactory progress toward graduation.  Seniors have priority. These aide positions are taken as substitutes for study halls.


Counseling Office Aide

The Aide for the Counseling office has the opportunity to work with the School Counselor in various capacities. The student may work with the career development room; corresponding with colleges, organizing and updating career files, updating scholarships etc. There may also be opportunities for the student to help with organizing various student activities offered by the Counseling Department. 


Office Aide

This course is designed to assist the student in learning office skills and to assist our office personnel. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate responsibility in an office atmosphere. Tasks may include simple typing, filing, copying and general office duties.


Lab Asst. and/or Independent Research

Lab assistants will help in setting up, tearing down, and conducting labs for the course they qualify for: Physical science, biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. The student should have a study period corresponding with that particular class. Lab assistants will spend an average of 2 or 3 days a week in lab. If the student wishes to, in addition to assisting, he/she will have time to independently design and complete a major experimental project (s) during the semester. Instructor approval needed.


Language Aide

This course is for the student who wants to maintain his/her language skills without the homework and requirements of a regular class. Responsibilities are those of a teacher's aide with emphasis on listening to and helping students in conversation practice and activities. It can also be beneficial for the student who is considering a teaching career.



Other Service Learning projects are available.  Students can design a plan for service with approval from the school counselor, religion department director and/or administration.  Examples include:  Media Center Aide, Media Lab Aide, Band Aide, etc.