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With the generous donations given to the Adopt-a-Student program, many students who would otherwise leave St. Mary’s now have the opportunity to attend and grow in faith along with our student body.  Adopt-a-Student, in conjunction with our financial aid program, FAIR provides financial assistance to those who show a need for help with tuition costs.  Each year about 40-50 families apply for FAIR assistance.  Since there is such a large gap between the need FAIR determines and the funding St. Mary’s can provide, Adopt-A-Student provides additional funding for families that desperately need help. 

The Adopt-A-Student program helps specifically in the following ways:
    -Assist large families with tuition costs
    -Assist those who do not have the ability to pay full tuition costs
    -Assist those who have hardships in their lives
    -Assist single parent families

To qualify for Adopt-A-Student aid families must meet the following criteria.
    -Request a need for aid
    -Families must be making a monthly payment towards their tuition costs 
    -Students must be in good standing at school
    -It is strongly recommend that students also participate in work study

Students who are included in the Adopt-A-Student program are very appreciative of the help they receive from the program.  As stated before, most of these students would not be able to attend St. Mary’s if not for the help given to them by Adopt-A-Student.  For all donors who have given or will give to this program, THANK YOU for directly affecting the life of a young child and giving them the opportunity to attend St. Mary’s!

If you'd like to give to this fund, please click here.  Thank you!