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TUITION for 2018-2019 

Financial Assistance
Because we believe in the importance of Catholic education and what St. Mary’s has to offer, assistance is available for families who are  unable to pay the full tuition cost. A representative of the school would be happy to meet with you to discuss your financial needs and to explain the necessary paperwork. Your may call the business office at 507-794-4841 with questions or to set up an appointment.  Our tuition assistance program is determined by an Eagan, Minnesota based company, Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc (FAIR). FAIR provides independent and confidential services as it calculates each family’s “Disposable Income” to determine their ability to pay tuition.  Assistance is then awarded by FAIR based on need.  If St. Mary’s does not have enough assistance to cover the need, we will allocate the assistance on a pro-rata basis.
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School Code: 124
Pswd: smse124

We also offer tuition incentive programs to help offset tuition costs such as:
SCRIP: SCRIP is a fundraising program that allows you to earn “free money” to lower your tuition costs and support the school. “Free money” is earned every time you purchase SCRIP gift certificates and cash cards for groceries, gas, clothes, and gift purchases that you make everyday. You purchase the SCRIP certificates for full face value and receive full face value when you redeem them at the participating retailers. The school buys the SCRIP at a discounted price and that discount, which turns into a profit, is split between the family and the school.

COOKIE SALE FUNDRAISER:  An annual cookie sale is available to families specifically for tuition purposes. They come in boxes ready to bake, quick and easy. This is a sale you can choose to participate in. A percent from this fundraiser is credited to families’ tuition statements and, the more you sell, the bigger the bonus!

WORK STUDY (grades 6-12):  This program is available to families needing tuition help over and above their tuition assistance package. Students and parents are encouraged to consult with administration about the possibility of working off a portion of their tuition balance.