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High School

St. Mary's High School 

For over 135 years, our Catholic faith has greatly impacted our students’ education here at St. Mary’s Catholic School. Incorporated into every aspect of our school day and our extracurricular activities, our Catholic faith influences our students’ lives in powerful and profound ways. The seeds sown through Catholic education continue to have a lasting effect long after our students graduate from St. Mary’s.

As the high school principal, I am so grateful for the many years of Catholic education that St. Mary’s has been able to provide for the students of Sleepy Eye and the surrounding communities and I look forward to carrying on the tradition of offering quality, Christ-centered education to all of our students. In today’s society, we need Catholic schools more than ever before - we need them to offer our students the morals and faith-based values to enable them to truly live as Christians in the world. I am proud of the work that we are doing at St. Mary’s. We are blessed with a strong parish that continues to believe in our mission and offer us their support. We have incredible parents, benefactors, alumni, and friends. Their support continues to humble and inspire me.

I grew up in a Catholic family, the third of four boys. My hometown of Minnesota Lake is a small town similar to Sleepy Eye so I appreciate the closeness and friendly atmosphere felt in Sleepy Eye and especially here at St. Mary’s Schools.  Before taking on the position as St. Mary’s Junior-Senior High School Principal I was a Social Studies teacher and coach here. I was fortunate to be able to work with wonderful students, parents, and staff. I look forward to continuing this amazing educational journey with everyone at St. Mary’s.  

Our mission states: “St. Mary’s Catholic School exists to assist the parents in passing on the Catholic faith while providing a quality education in a safe and positive environment.” With God’s grace, we will continue to carry out our mission for many, many years to come….and continue to pass on the faith that has the ability to move mountains!

We look forward to having you join us!

Andrew Bach
St. Mary’s Junior-Senior High School Principal

Mr. Andrew Bach