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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Directory 

  Name Title Contact
Jenny Blick Blick, Jenny Elementary Librarian 507-794-6141
Mary Beth Botz Botz, Mary Beth High School Science 507-794-4121
Patti Braulick Braulick, Patti JH Science 507-794-4121
Ann Christensen Christensen, Ann 507-794-4121
Sean Connolly Connolly, Sean High School Choir 507-794-4121
Julia Dee Dee, Julia Counselor 507-794-4121
Andrew Dieter Dieter, Andrew Religion Teacher 507-794-4121
Abeni Docter Docter, Abeni High School English 507-794-4121
Mary Gangelhoff Gangelhoff, Mary Elementary Principal 507-794-6141
Chris Heiderscheidt Heiderscheidt, Chris Development Director 507-794-4171
Tammy Helget Helget, Tammy Elementary Administrative Assistant 507-794-6141
Tiffany Hoffmann Hoffmann, Tiffany High School Administrative Assistant 507-794-4121
Sarah Jirak Jirak, Sarah JH/HS Religion Teacher 507-794-4121
Christina Koester Koester, Christina 507-794-4121
Mary Krambeer Krambeer, Mary Grade 6 Teacher 507-794-6141
Diane Krzmarzick Krzmarzick, Diane Grade 6 Teacher 507-794-6141
Diane Lax Lax, Diane Grade 1 Teacher 507-794-6141
Annette Lux Lux, Annette Music/Social Studies 507-794-6141
Maria Lux Lux, Maria Grade 5 Teacher 507-794-6141
Brynn Mathiowetz Mathiowetz, Brynn Resource 507-794-4121
Judith Mathiowetz Mathiowetz, Judith Grade 3 Teacher 507-794-6141
Kayla Mathiowetz Mathiowetz, Kayla JH/HS Math/JH Health/PE 507-794-4121
Rachel Moldan Moldan, Rachel Band Instructor 794-4121
Wendy Owens Owens, Wendy Elementary Phy Ed/Health 507-794-6141
Geri Pelzel Pelzel, Geri JH/HS English Teacher 507-794-4121
Rick Peters Peters, Rick Math Teacher 507-794-4121
Peter Roufs Roufs, Peter Junior High/High School Principal 507-794-4121
Lisa Sanow Sanow, Lisa Grade 4 Teacher 507-794-6141
Marti Schroepfer Schroepfer, Marti High School Administrative Assistant 507-794-4121
JoAnn Schumacher Schumacher, JoAnn Kindergarten Teacher 507-794-6141
Andrea Schwartz Schwartz, Andrea Grade 5 Teacher 507-794-6141
Anita Schwartz Schwartz, Anita Grade 2 Teacher 507-794-6141
Rose Schwartz Schwartz, Rose Teacher's Aide 507-794-6141
Jen Walter Walter, Jen Elementary Computer Instructor 5507-794-6141
Rachel Windschitl Windschitl, Rachel JH/HS Social Studies & Curriculum
Bruce Woitas Woitas, Bruce AD/High School Health/PE 507-794-4121