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Summary of Light Learning Stations

From bending white light into a spectrum of colors to blending colors to re-form white light, 6th grade Science students enjoy discovering the properties of light.  Using student-safe laser lights, a variety of lenses, mirrors, diffraction gratings (prisms), and even gummy bear candy, students explore how light is bent, reflected, transmitted, and absorbed.  Each of the six different hands-on learning stations focuses on specific skills, concepts, and vocabulary words that engage students to meet specific learning targets related to light energy. The learning stations, which use Tech Light Lab kits from Laser Classroom, promote individual and small group inquiry and encourage curiosity.  The lessons are a collaborative effort between Mrs. Diane Krzmarzick, the 5th and 6th grade Science teacher, and high school students in Mrs. M. B. Botz’s project-based Environmental Science class.